The best Android apps for following Major League Baseball

mlb apps 2015

Baseball is back, and you can forgive us for getting a little excited about it—our offices are just two blocks away from the San Francisco Giants’ ballpark. Teams play 162 games in the regular season alone, so they’re taking the field almost every day. You’ll want to enlist the help of your phone to be sure you don’t miss a clutch performance or walk-off home run.

Your Android device can serve as your perfect baseball companion, with plenty of apps to help you stay connected to your fantasy league, keep on top of trade rumors, and of course monitor your favorite club. We’ve compiled the best apps for the new season, so no matter where you are you’ll be connected to as much baseball as you want.

Watch every game, though be wary of blackout rules

Major League Baseball is again offering its MLB.TV subscription, which gets you every single game for the 2015 season.

If you’re planning on using your Android phone or tablet to watch games orstream them with a Chromecast, you’ll want the premium package. It’s $130 per year (or $25 per month), which gets you any game on up to 400 different kinds of devices.

mlb at bat streaming

You can watch it on your Android phone or tablet with the MLB At Bat app, which is the recipient of a rather svelte Material Design refresh just in time for the start of the new season. Even if you don’t plan to watch games on your phone, the At Bat app is an excellent way to follow scores and games in progress. Plus, there’s a cheaper $20 per season subscription that lets you stream radio broadcasts within the app (including local games).

The key caveat here is broadcasting blackout rules, which prevent you from streaming games in your local market. For example, if you live in Northern California you can’t fire up a Giants or A’s game; you have to watch it through your cable or satellite provider.

So if you were hoping to use MLB’s TV package as a way to catch local games even though you’re a cord cutter, you’re out of luck. Head to MLB’s blackout checker to find out which team(s) you’re locked out of viewing through the streaming package.

Follow the scores, news, and rumors

While MLB At Bat does the job well, there are other apps that also do an excellent job of keeping you updated on the world of baseball.

ESPN just got a major redesign, finally making it fluid and free of the crashes and bugs that often plagued it.

mlb espn android

You’ll need to create an account, either with the traditional email and password method or through Facebook, to save your favorite teams. You can then customize how often you get alerts. Your phone can ping you at the start of a game and every few innings if you want. Alerts also push to your Android Wear smartwatch, so you don’t even need to pull your phone out.

The ESPN gamecast feature is also here, so you can get pitch-by-pitch coverage of any game. It would be great if this had a pull-to-refresh feature for those times when you hop out of the app and come back later.

Another good contender is CBS Sports, as the app takes Material Design seriously and syncs all your preferences to your online CBS account so you can follow scores on the web as well as on your Android device.

mlb google now
Google Now is a great companion for keeping track of your favorite baseball team.

Many are also fans of theScore, which has a lot of customization options and a dark aesthetic for those who want their sports app to appear as manly as possible.

Also don’t forget about Google Now, which has rather impressive sports capabilities. If you’re using the Google Now launcher, this is the fastest way to check out on how your team is doing or who they’re playing. Just open up Google Now and it will pop up a card right in your stream.

To turn on the magic, you’ll need to head to the Google Now menu, select Customize, and tell it what teams you’re interested in following. Then you’ll see a card each day with the upcoming game or live results of an ongoing contest. You won’t get constant push alerts, but if you’re using the Google Now Launcher it’s by far the fastest way to quickly check out a score or find out when the next game is.

Stay connected to your Fantasy leagues

Fantasy baseball is big business, and you don’t want to miss out on how your team is performing or if there’s a sleeper pick that just went live on the wire.

ESPN Fantasy Baseball is back for another season, but unfortunately the interface is still stuck in the minor leagues. The last update was in February, so hopefully the ESPN team will deliver some enhancements with the new season underway.

cbs fantasy baseball

Yahoo Fantasy Sports handles baseball and any other of your Yahoo leagues, so no need to grab another baseball-specific app if you’re already a Yahoo fantasy player.

CBS Sports Fantasy is another all-in-one solution; it handles leagues from ESPN, Yahoo, or of course CBS Sports. CBS is also Android-friendly in that it takes Google’s design guidelines seriously, producing another app that looks great on Android.

Grab some apps before you head to the ballpark

If you’re heading to a game at some point this year, grab the Ballpark app. It’s kind of like a Foursquare for baseball, with the ability to “check in” to a game.

mlb at the ballpark android

But it goes beyond the social experience with some handy in-game extras. For example, at some parks you can use the app as your ticket to the game. You can also use it to buy tickets, get a map of the stadium, or try for a seat upgrade. There are even some parks where you can order refreshments with it

Health care industry receives first mobile apps from Apple, IBM

appleibm primary

An enterprise mobility partnership between Apple and IBM has yielded more iPhone and iPad apps, including the first ones for the health care industry and industrial production management.

Under an agreement announced last July, the two companies develop enterprises mobile apps together, and IBM sells and supports Apple hardware. The first 10 mobile appsdebuted in late December and a second batch was released in March. The apps released this week bring the total offered to 22.

The four new healthcare apps are for nurses who work in hospitals and provide home care. Hospital RN replaces a nurse’s pager and phone with an iPhone, and allows them to access a patient’s records. The app uses iBeacon technology to identify patients and displays notifications including status updates on hospital equipment that is offline, backups at the lab and patient requests.

hospital rn app apple ibm

The Hospital Lead App for iPads is for nurses who run a hospital department. The app aims to help them better manage caseloads by combining information from several databases into a dashboard.

An app for nurse technicians keeps them aware of patient requests, lab statuses and other information required for patient care. The final health care app is for nurses who care for patients outside of hospitals and allows them to remotely upload text, video, and photos to a patient’s medical record.

The industrial production sector also received its first app. Called Rapid Handover, this app allows foreman to exchange information with shift workers, like equipment status and production goals.

rapid handover app apple ibm

IBM and Apple added apps for the travel and transportation, retail and insurance industries as well. The travel iPad app is for flight attendants and allows them to sell food, beverage and seat upgrades and gives passengers the option of using Apple Pay to make a purchase.

A retail app for the iPad gives merchants access to sales data to help them better plan what products to offer. Finally, the insurance iPad app allows insurance inspectors to take photos and videos of a site and gives them access to data like neighborhood crime statistics and claim information.

Apple CEO Tim Cook described the backgrounds of his company and IBM’s as “complementary” at a conference in February. Apple lacks knowledge of industry verticals, an area IBM that has “deep knowledge” in, while IBM doesn’t offer devices like smartphones and tablets, Cook said. The partnership may also help revive iPad sales, which have declined over the past three quarters, Cook said during Apple’s most recentearnings call.

Zimmber App review

Zimmber is a mobile application that permits you to book different sorts of services for your home. Zimmber application has an easy to use interface that even a beginner can access it.


Services that are provided Zimmber

Zimmber is your one stop answer for employing any kind of handyman benefits on your cell phone. A percentage of the handyman benefits that Zimmber gives are:

Bricklayer services – Zimmber can deal with a wide range of brick work establishment and repair works including stone, block, porch and so forth.

Wall painting: Zimmber can offers sparing divider painting services for your home outside and inside.

Home Cleaning: Zimmber home cleaning services will verify each surface and corner of your house is cleaned proficiently.

Plumbing: Zimmber is a full service plumbing pro that represented considerable authority in a wide range of pipes repair and establishment services.

Air conditioning Service: Zimmber is had practical experience in a wide range of ventilation system repair, adjusting and establishment services.

Carpentry – Zimmber handles different sorts of carpentry tasks including crown forming, ledge, divider bureau, cabinet, furniture gathering, stairways, sheds and so forth.

Circuit repairman – Zimmber offers proficient home electrical services including establishment of new electrical gear, and repairing of existing electrical hardware.

Couch Cleaning – Zimmber gives proficient couch cleaning services that will expel stains from a wide range of couch including cowhide, manufactured calfskin and fabric couch.

With Zimmber application, you can book a meeting with a handyman in only three stages. The principal step is to impart the home change issue you are confronting. You can pick the kind of services you need from the rundown on the application. On the off chance that the service is not in the rundown, you can disclose it to them. The second step is to give points of interest, for example, private address and time arrangement. The third step is to choose your payments choice and checkout.

A Zimmber mediator will get in touch with a great many you present the application. The agent will get in touch with you to affirm your accessibility before the handyman will be dispatched to your home. Zimmber has more than 100 suppliers. Zimmber is redesigning its application now and again to give a superior client experience to clients. The login offer in the Zimmber application permits you to stay informed regarding your request. You will be educated about the evaluation time for the work to be finished.

Some features of Zimmber services

· Experienced Handyman experts

· Timely service

· Dependable & Transparent

· Satisfaction or Money Back

· Affordable pricing

· Easy Payment choices

· Track your Order & different Details

· Instant Feedback

· Get an Estimate a

· Multiple Address Option

Zimmber offers astounding workmanships and client services. Zimmber jacks of all trades services are sponsored by cash back insurance. All Zimmber suppliers are completely foundation checked. Zimmber is reliable and solid. They generally respect the cost gave in the quote without charging any additional expenses, for example, shrouded expense.

Download Zimmber Mobile App Here


Zimmber will endeavor to verify your home change issues are taken care in an opportune way. Zimmber offers the jacks of all trades services at the least expensive value conceivable. Zimmber never trade off on the quality by holding back on materials. Zimmber is a completely authorized, reinforced and protected jacks of all trades services organization. Zimmber just offers home change benefits in Mumbai and Pune.


All in all, Zimmber is an incredible application that permits you to contract a jacks of all trades service with only a tap on your cell telephone screen. You can download the application fr

Carrot Weather will be your favorite new sarcastic weather app

WeatherScreenshot 3 Carrot Weather will be your favorite new sarcastic weather appThe new app taps into Dark Sky’s powerful rain predictions to provide accurate and detailed forecasts. Unlike the plethora of other weather apps, Carrot has a number of themes that you wouldn’t expect to indicate weather.

Flying sharks indicate a tornado, evil penguins appear for snow and dancing nuclear smokestacks for clouds. It’s a fun take on weather that you won’t see elsewhere.

There are also hidden scenes for some cities, like New York as the Robopocalypse and Tatooine.

It’s a fully-functional app aside from the fun stuff, providing detailed weather forecasts if you swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Google Launches Places API for Android and iOS

The new API brings a range of features including a place picker in the form of a drop-in UI widget, autocomplete support for searches, the ability to determine the place where a user is currently located, and detailed information about each spot.

In addition, it also allows users to add new places to Google’s database of more than 100 million locations.

Google’s Places API and associated JavaScript library has been available for Web apps for some time now, but the new APIs will help developers easily add their functionality into native mobile apps.

You can hop over to this Google Developers site to find documentation, code samples and demos for the Android API,  or sign up for iOS public beta on this page.

Random for iOS aims to shake up the way you view news

It works by giving you the option to explore topics that you wouldn’t usually read about. When you first launch the app, you’re presented with a broad choice of topics to explore. For example, I selected ‘products’ and it sent me to an opinion piece on iPads. Random learned from my selection and its next set of suggested articles on innovation, privacy and tech were better suited to my interests.

IMG 7082 220x391 Random for iOS aims to shake up the way you view news

I would describe the app as a mashup of StumpleUpon and Flipboard – two apps that I use regularly. Random launched last year with the backing of Skype co-founder Janus Friis and has made a series of improvements ever since. The latest version incorporates a fluid ‘topic hop’ function that surfaces articles based on your preferences, along with a random post to pique your interest.

The interface is very similar to StumbleUpon. As you move through articles, you can see the topic that has led to the content Random suggests you read. Topics linked to your selection are highlighted so you can skip to those easily.

IMG 7081 220x391 Random for iOS aims to shake up the way you view news

After using Random for a while, I was a little disheartened at the lack of any actual randomness. When you open the app at first, the topics suggested are definitely widespread and include some offbeat genres like ‘hoax’ or ‘dystopia’ – but I fell down the rabbit hole of selecting a topic I was interested in (tech news, obviously) and found the usual barrage of posts I could just as easily find in my RSS reader.

However, I found that when I was done with reading my regular news, I went back to the app and was more inclined to choose the offbeat topics then. Random is great for when you are commuting or travelling and have already got your news fix for the day.

Moju for iOS adds chat and face recognition

The app lets you shoot up to 24 frames that combine to form a shareable “moment” viewable from any angle based on how you twist your phone. Pivoting or twisting your device animates the static images. You can shoot on the fly or import images from your Camera Roll.

Today, Moju Labs has released version 2 of the app, which offers significant technical and communication enhancements accompanied by an interface overhaul.

Version 2 lets users employ peer-to-peer technology to send real-time messages via a new Moju Chat. This lets you privately chat only with the people you want to as well as receive push notifications and exchange Mojus.

Moju Flashback, also new, serves up past images you shot. Like Picturelife and other photo apps, Moju will now automatically reveal old photos, reminding you, for example, of what you were doing last year at this time, or pull up a special occasion.

Not only does this serve to connect the past to the present, but it lets you string multiple occasions together to create new stories.

The company is also previewing a new feature called Face Align, which uses facial detection and recognition technologies to align and blend faces to generate new images of the people you have photographed. “All the people you’ve met and took a picture of, we’ll do a Moju of it with their faces aligned together, “said Mok Oh, CEO and co-founder of  Moju.

Finally, Moju’s camera and main buttons are easier to find alongside a new tiled view on the profile page.

moju2 730x428 Moju for iOS adds chat and face recognition to its motion based photo app

“Moju 1.0 was not feature complete, but this version is,” Mok Oh, Moju’s co-founder and CEO told TNW.

In the future, Moju plans to combine Flashback capabilities with machine learning to serve as a framework for customized image animations. “Machines figure out patterns and then serve stories back to you; it’s very personalized,” Oh said. That technology is already built into the app.

As before, Moju is free and allows unlimited uploads. People can post and share photos, as well as like, comment on, and share a friend’s Mojus and browse an editor’s pick of the best ones.

Pixelmator’s upgraded painting technology for iPad

The new brush engine features numerous brush types such as Pencil, Crayon, Marker, Ink, Paintbrush, Spray, Watercolor and Smudge, and within each category there are nine basic choices.

Once you choose a brush, however, there is infinite variety in how to use it. You can apply minute size and opacity adjustments to each brush and watch as the colors mix together on the canvas. The brush collection for Pixelmator for iPad 1.1, code named Aquarelle, was created by artists and then rendered into the app.

pixelmator 4 730x548 Pixelmators upgraded painting technology for iPad can give anyone an artistic flair

pixelmator1 730x548 Pixelmators upgraded painting technology for iPad can give anyone an artistic flair

pixelmator2 730x548 Pixelmators upgraded painting technology for iPad can give anyone an artistic flair

pixelmator3 730x548 Pixelmators upgraded painting technology for iPad can give anyone an artistic flair

This upgrade also features an enhanced color picker. Picker tabs on the swatch palette let you toggle between current and previous colors, while a tap reveals a grid with a range of similar hues and their hex numbers. A square icon gives the exact hex code for the colors underneath it, and changes as you move it around the canvas with your finger.

Pixelmator’s non-destructive editing interface lets you layer brush strokes and change the position of the layers — just like in Photoshop — to show or hide other canvas layers.

In addition, the new version can now open 16-bit RGB, CMYK and Grayscale Photoshop images as well as Photoshop images containing layer masks. Pixelmator 1.1 lets you a insert photo from your iCloud Drive as a new layer and lets you open Raw previews. A refreshed eyedropper tool, live brush previews and updated stylus support round out this new release.

HDFC Bank Launches Chillr Money Transfer App

HDFC Bank on Tuesday announced the launch of Chillr, a mobile app which allows users to instantly transfer money to any contact in their phone book.HDFC has partnered with MobME, a Kochi-based technology firm to launch this app, the bank officials said.

Chillr is a first of its kind application that is linked directly to the customer’s bank account, so there is no need to worry about filling up a prepaid wallet, they said, adding that no passwords are stored on the phone and it can be accessed only with M-PIN known to the customer alone.

“This Chillr app will benefit various segments of people in the society. From students to young professionals, from the migrant workers in cities to customers in rural India, this app gives the convenience to send and receive money using mobile phone in secured manner,” HDFC Bank Digital Banking Head Nitin Chugh told reporters in Bengaluru.

The bank will charge Rs. 3.50 along with service tax for each transaction. A user could transfer a maximum amount of Rs. 5,000 and could do 10 transactions per day.

“This app is one more important step by the bank to leverage technology and digital to offer banking services any time and anywhere,” he added.

Officials said with Chillr, HDFC Bank customers can transfer money to any person in India, once they download the app and register.

The app is widely accessible as it works on Android and iOS operating systems and will soon be launched for Windows phones as well, they added.