HTC Ireland has posted a teaser video mentioning that the One M9 smartphone will have a more powerful set of speakers on the front. Known as the BoomSound speakers, these have been the highlight of previous HTC flagships like the One M7 and the One M8. Judging by the teaser posted by the company, it seems like the successor will be even better as far as audio performance is concerned.

It is being said that HTC might use Dolby 5.1 audio technology with the new BoomSound speakers, which should be able to produce exceptional audio. The teaser says “get your hands on bigger boom”, hinting that the speakers might be one of the strong suits of the smartphone.

Since the One M9 is rumored to be packing a 1080p display with the same size as the predecessor, the company will have to make up for the rest of the hardware with new features like these. We can expect to find a Snapdragon 810 chipset on board as well along with a powerful 21MP camera on the back.

We recently caught glimpses of the One M9 from all possible angles, revealing practically everything we need to know about the design of the handset, so there are barely any surprises left. The company will unveil the handset on March 1, which is when the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be revealed as well.

HTC is rumored to be launching a bigger version of the One M9 known as the One M9 Plus, which could possibly have a Quad HD resolution display on board as well. So there’s plenty to look forward to this Sunday as HTC and Samsung unveil their flagship offerings to the world.

Source – gizmodo