Twitter debuted its ‘While you were away’ or recap function last month on iOS and promised an Android version ‘soon’, followed by a Web version. Keeping that promise, the microblogging site on Tuesday revealed that the recap feature is live on Android as well.Twitter announced that it would be keeping its promise with the rollout to Android devices with a tweet.

The Twitter feature began to roll out to limited users early in January, while a full-fledged iOS launch took place towards the end of January. The recap feature aggregates tweets posted while you were away that its algorithm found were important to you, letting you catch up with the latest from all over the world in a single go, rather than scrolling through hundreds and thousands of tweets over a period of time.Just like Facebook, the ‘While you were away’ feature makes use of a complex algorithm that calculates exactly whose tweets you want to read, what trends and topics you’ve been following and what you want to know, based on user engagement and other factors. It puts together a list of the top tweets that you’ve missed between logins from various accounts you follow. But, just like the work of any algorithm, results are not always satisfactory.

According to reports, the feature cannot be turned off, but if you dismiss it enough times, it shows you recaps less frequently than before.

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