It’s only been a couple of days since the app was first leaked, but what was earlier referred to as People Sense and Buddy Aware has now gone live on the Windows Phone Store under a new name: SquadWatch.Earlier this week, we reported that Spanish language site Microsoft Place had previewed a leaked version of People Sense, a new app along the lines of Find My Friends and the no-longer-functional Google Latitude.

The app launched isn’t using the name People Sense, or even the codename Buddy Aware that was shown in the leaked video. Instead, it goes by the nomenclature SquadWatch. The features are, however, identical to the set shown in the video leak. One big new feature that has been revealed is that location-sharing works only if you agree to have your location shared too.

As the name suggests, you add group members to your ‘squad’. You send a squad request to the person you wish to add, and if they accept, you’ll be able to see their location on a Bing-powered map. It also features a short written status of where you are, for example, mentioning that you’re ‘at home’ or ‘in a meeting’. SquadWatch can also sense that you’re moving (walking, running or commuting).

Contrary to expectations, the app arrived a lot sooner than alongside Windows 10, as we had speculated. It’s a small boost that will no doubt help the trailing Windows app portfolio gain a small boost.

[source : gadgets.ndtv.com]