Media allows authority to be demonstrated and earned rather than claimed.

In 2005, the Internet had already begun to profoundly change the world of business, yet for many online entrepreneurs the roadmap to success was unclear.

In response, I compiled the first edition of Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars, a book that celebrated the ways in which the most successful marketers on the web had blazed trails, set records, and created benchmarks to make the Internet overwhelmingly relevant to modern business practices and the business world.

Now, in 2015, the Internet has not only transformed the business world, but also the world at large.

Once a promising tool, the Internet has now redefined the way in which we learn and relate to one another as humans.

As essential as Internet technology and social media are to our businesses, they are still mysteries to many. And the proliferation of smart phones and tablets has created a new style of consumption on the web that also must be taken into account.

With this new installment of the superstar series, Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars, we turn the spotlight on the constantly changing online marketing landscape — and the men, women, and technologies that continue to define and redefine it.

May the insights in this book help you reach your goals and help you create the life you truly desire.

To give you a preview of how the top online marketers create their highly profitable businesses, here are excerpts from a few select chapters:

A personal media brand makes you into a likable expert, and that sets the stage for the rain to fall. That’s because media allows authority to be demonstrated and earned rather than claimed.

You must be a valuable information resource via your own media platform, with a key emphasis on providing value.

First, you have to show that you understand your potential customer’s problems and desires. And you have to begin to satisfy those problems or desires before you stick out your hand for payment. ~ Brian Clark, Chapter 1: The New Rainmaker

You are better off being massively useful in a very specific set of circumstances than being partially useful in a broader sense of circumstances.

Online marketing is now rooted in this simple truth: you are competing for attention against your own customers, and against your own friends.

To succeed in today’s competitive online marketing environment is to be truly and inherently useful. Focus your energy on creating marketing that people actually cherish, not marketing that people simply tolerate. ~ Jay Baer, Chapter 2: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help Not Hype

Every business is now in the publishing business. The two most important aspects of your content strategy are educating your customer and building trust.

I think there’s a hierarchy in the world of building a total web presence for your business, and mastering things like Facebook and Pinterest fall somewhere far behind getting your content strategy, SEO, and email marketing machine oiled and ready for prime time. ~ John Jantsch, Chapter 3: The Total Online Presence

Content marketing is the strategic creation of text, imagery, audio, or video that delivers a relevant, interesting message to a customer or prospect, while at the same time paving the way for a sale.

The audience does not owe you their attention. It is your job as a content marketer to deserve their attention.

Remember that old, politically incorrect Mad Men-era advice about how long your content should be: Like a skirt, it needs to be short enough to maintain attention, and long enough to cover the subject. ~ Sonia Simone, Chapter 5: The No-Baloney Essentials of Content Marketing that Works

While lots of folks are flapping their jaws about the impressive statistics of Pinterest, other companies are quietly using this fun new tool to pin their way to better customer engagement and a visually interesting brand.

Being a Pinterest curator means you pick the best images and then organize them in an interesting way that benefits your core audience.

In other words, you cherry-pick all the best images related to your topic and pin them to your boards. ~ Beth Hayden, Chapter 14: How to Connect with Your Clients, Get More Traffic and Make More Sales Using Pinterest Marketing

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