Flight Cimulator Primary

Short week for me, thanks to a phenomenal amount of jet lag coming home from Iceland last week and then…something like 40 hours of Pillars of Eternity.

But the news keeps coming! This week we’ve got Halo on a PC, broken NDAs, and three major reasons why developers should build mod support into their games. Seriously, every game should have mod support. It’s the best part of gaming on a PC.

I mean, did you ever think you’d see a flight simulator built into a city-builder? Because that’s what happened this week. Read on for more.

Fly like an eagle

Feeling nostalgic for Microsoft Flight Simulator? Why not try this on for size:

flight cimulator.

Halo on PC…sort of

It’s been a long time since a proper Halo game made its way over to PC, and it doesn’t look like that streak will end anytime soon (unless you count Microsoft’s Xbox-to-PC streaming).

But PCs will get free-to-play shooter Halo Online later this year. Or, at least, Russian PCs will. The game, which is currently slated to release only in Russia, is apparently running a modified version of the Halo 3 engine, and is limited only to multiplayer (albeit with maps we haven’t seen before).

“While there’s no campaign mode, Halo Online is set on a secret UNSC space installation called Anvil, where Spartan-IV soldiers train together in war exercises to sharpen their battle skills and test experimental technology,” wrote 343 in the official announcement.

Here’s a teaser to whet your appetite, though it might just be salt in your wounds what with Microsoft not committing to a US/Europe release.

Ages in between

Double Fine’s finally tacked a release date onto Broken Age Act 2: April 28. ConsideringBroken Age is the game that kicked off the whole Kickstarter craze, I can’t say I’ve been super impressed with the way it’s turned out—either in terms of the quality of part one or the year we’ve waited to play the second half.

But hopefully Double Fine’s taken the time it needs to deliver a decent conclusion.

Get funky

Speaking of crowdfunding, that new Toejam and Earl game hit its $400,000 Kickstarter target mere days before its campaign concluded. Take me down to Funkytown, Toejam.

Breaking those NDAs

The alpha for Rainbow Six: Siege opened recently, and somebody already decided to break the NDA and throw footage out on the web, which shows a multiplayer match taking place on a jet airplane. The original YouTube video has already been taken down, but I’m sure if you dig hard enough you can find it somewhere.

Evolve is evolving

Are you still hunting monsters (or trappers) in Evolve? I’m honestly curious. The game only came out a month and a half ago and…well, I feel like I don’t hear much.

But the beginnings of Turtle Rock’s massive DLC plan is set to roll out, with a new monster and four new hunters due to release on March 31. Also, there are two more maps—but they won’t release on PC until April 30, thanks to a “COMING FIRST TO XBOX ONE” deal that’s in place.

Here’s a look at the new monster, Behemoth.

Meet me in Seyda Neen

In case you need a refresher: Oblivion is okay. Skyrim is good. Morrowind is fantastic. That’s the official hierarchy of Elder Scrolls rankings at PCWorld, and you can either get on board or ignore this as the ramblings of an old fuddy-duddy who still uses words like fuddy-duddy