To keep the data on your iOS based device safe the most usual way is to keep a backup of the files in a computer or to iTunes. There are many valuable data in your iOS device and that needs to be backed up for future usage. The iOS is closed operating system and it is a tough job to copy files from iOS devices to any computers. But to solve this problem Vibososft has introduced the 3-in-1 transfer tool for better management of files and valuable data. The application is capable of transferring from an iOS device to computer or to iTunes.You can know how to transfer music from iPhone to itunes With this tool you can transfer photos from iPhone to computer and many other tasks can be performed using this software. Some of the key features of the Vibososft iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer transfer are as follows:

  • This is smart tool to get your iPhone’s data synced up with the computer or to iTunes for keeping a solid backup for future usage.
  • It is compatible with all the iOS based devices and can recognize files like music, images, videos and more.
  • There are two modes to transfer one where the phone’s data is synced with iTunes or you have to simply keep the copies in your personal computer.
  • There are hundreds of files stored in your phone’s total memory but it will be very tedious to select which one are needs to be restored so the tools give a detailed list of all the files with full specifications.
  • It also shows the preview of the files from where we can choose which one restore.
  • This manger also allows to save backup and this back up can be used after wards in case of emergency. It can transfer photos from his phone to computer.
  • The application has a lucid user interface and thus can be operated very easily.
  • This tool is quite powerful and works very efficiently and also worth swift.

These were some of the major attributes of the Vibosoft application and thus it is a very useful and yet handy application. It can be considered as one of the best tool for managing and transferring files from iOS based decide to computer.

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