Zomato Piggybank Reward Points Programme Launched for 'Loyal' Users

Food ordering and restaurant search app Zomato on Tuesday announced the launch of Zomato Piggybank, which is a reward points program for loyal users of the food delivery service. The company says that the idea behind the feature is to reward users as well as donate to others. Every time a user orders food from a restaurant via the Zomato app, 10 percent of your order value will be credited back as Z Coins into the user’s Zomato Piggybank. Also, every time the user orders food using the Piggybank, Zomato will donate Re. 1 to an NGO. Initially, the Piggybank feature will be rolling out to a select number of users “based on their loyalty and geographic availability of partner restaurants.”

Zomato says that around the Piggybank feature will be available for 10,000 users on their Android app staring Tuesday (July 10). As a joining bonus, all such users will be provided with 200 Z coins worth Rs. 200, Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal says in a blog post. He adds that within a couple of weeks Zomato will ramp up its partner network on Piggybank, and will extend this membership program to all its “loyal food ordering users” across India. By ‘loyal users’, Zomato means the customers who place more than 5 orders per month regularly. Notably, Zomato Gold users will also get an early access to the Piggybank feature on their app.

As mentioned, on every food order made via the Zomato app, you will get 10 percent of your order value credited as Z Coins into your Zomato Piggybank. Using these points, you can pay 10 percent of the value of the next order you place at any Zomato restaurant partners. Also, you will get Z Coins in your Piggybank when you use Piggybank coins in a particular order.

It is worth noting that the offer is valid along with any other offers running on Zomato. This means any discounts given by restaurants will continue to be available on Zomato Delivery.

For users who are not a part of the launch invitation list that gives access to Piggybank, will have to get referred by someone who already has the feature. When Piggybank rolls out in your area, you will see the new option if you are part of the invitation list. Also, you will need a referral code to get access. Zomato says, in two months, the Piggybank feature will be converted into a paid subscription program at Rs. 299 per year.

Additionally, every time you order food using the Piggybank, Zomato says it will donate Re. 1 to Akshaya Patra Foundation, which is an NGO running mid-day meal programmes for children. Goyal says, “One rupee per order is a lot – if all orders at Zomato were placed using Piggybank points, we would be donating Rs. 1.25 crore a month on your behalf to Akshay Patra Foundation. That changes the lives of millions of children in our country.”