Resident Evil 2 Remake: Claire Redfield and RE engine shines in latest Gamescom preview

Resident Evil 2 – Ada Wong leak

Capcom had already confirmed that Ada Wong would be coming to the Resident Evil 2 Remaster, but new footage has leaked and shown us what we can expect from the (in)famous femme fatale.

A Twitter account – which has since been made private – leaked the image, but one ResetEra user was quick enough to grab the image and upload it to the forum.

Wong has been slightly redesigned – there’s no red dress in sight, just an impressive trenchcoat (that said, we could see the red dress underneath the coat?)

We look forward to seeing a proper render of the character, not just a washed out, low-res screengrab.

In the Capcom business booth I was treated to a brand new demo for Resident Evil 2 featuring Claire Redfield, protagonist and sister of Chris, the star of the first Resident Evil.

In her hunt for her brother, she comes across the Birkin family, which is where my gameplay started. After being warned by young Sherry in very pantomime style that “He’s behind you”, her father William Birkin appears, infected by the body warping G-Virus.

This was the only enemy in the demo and the crux of the gameplay, outside of some exploring in a tense environment.

Whilst I was too young to play the original game, after checking some footage, its safe to say that the remake does a fantastic job of faithfully recreating the environments and characters from 1998.

The RE engine really shines through, and some of the textures and lighting effects I was treated to were astounding. The way the characters move and the level of detail in the environment was consistently impressive, and the cutscenes gave you a chance to appreciate the models.

It’s photorealistic but still stylized and the art team deserve roaring applause for producing such a gorgeous game that somehow runs on a PS4.

The gated arena in which I fought the boss was cleverly designed to trap you on its many corners and leave you panicking. William Birkin ambles around the arena wailing in pain and clattering his pipe-arm on the walls.

Sound design here is impeccable, and I was fidgeting in my seat and trying not to look away when the camera got up close and personable with the gruesome viscera. Birkin’s jelly-like appendages and huge aberrating yellow eye unpicked my brain with ease and scared the life out of me.

The combat was equally frantic and certainly not a breeze. Armed with an SMG, a Pistol and a Grenade Launcher, ammo quickly ran out and I was left to be crushed by the enemy. It was only until I realized I could craft Acid rounds in my inventory that I figured out how to topple the beast.

Sprinting around the arena looking for ammo became the only way to stay alive, and after a couple of tries and some quality hits on his weak spot, I managed to slay the beast with a grenade launcher round that lit up the arena and Birkin’s immense character model.

I can still hear the screams as Birkin was toppled, and after a short sequence leading Sherry to a parking garage, time was up. Yet, despite the nightmare fuel, I wanted to do it all over again.

Luckily, we’ll be able to play the whole game as both Claire and Leon when it drops on January 25th 2019.