Women have a lot of options for carrying concealed guns. It can be hard to find clothes that are fashionable. Here are some options for women who want to carry on the go.

Purse Carry

Most women choose to carry their weapon inside a purse. This method is only effective if you have control at all times. You must be extra vigilant about the purse. It can never be left unattended. The most common way to carry a purse is over the shoulder. This can leave you in a vulnerable position. The purse can be grabbed off your shoulder. You may also struggle to wrestle with the purse when you need quick access to the gun. Some purses are designed to carry a weapon. These purses have compartments that can safely carry your gun.

Bra Carry

Women have an advantage over their male counterparts. Their breast area can help to hide a weapon. Many women carry their concealed weapons in their bra area. Companies even make bras that are designed to secure and carry the gun. These models look like a traditional sports bra. The gun is carried off to the woman’s side. Some concealment options even will work with your regular bra. These attachments allow you to have access to your gun as you wear your regular clothes.

Shorts Carry

Some women prefer to wear elastic body pieces to keep their gun secured. Elastic is more flexible and can contour to any body shape. Concealment shorts are the most popular choice. These fabrics are similar to shapewear products. The fabric can move with a woman’s body. There are even brands that can be adjusted for a better fit. These shorts allow you to feel comfortable while you carry your gun. Concealment shorts can be worn under any type of clothing as well.

There are plenty of options available for women’s concealed carry clothing. You want to find a piece that will keep your gun secure and feel comfortable on your body.