Google Maps Update Brings Hashtag Support in Reviews for Easier Search

Google seems to have silently added support for hashtags to make it easier for users to find places that suit their needs. According to a new report, Google has confirmed that the new feature was added to the app over a week ago on Android. As of now, it has reportedly been announced to Google Maps’ Local Guides programme members. Google Maps apparently lets users add up to five hashtags at the end of their reviews. Also, they can add hashtags to older reviews. As of now, there is no information on when the hashtag support will arrive on Google Maps for iOS or the Web.

As per a TechCrunch report, Google Maps now supports hashtags in reviews to make it easier for users to look for #datenight spots or #familyfriendly businesses or #wheelchairaccessible places, and more. As mentioned, the platform suggests users add up to five hashtags in every review. Google has reportedly confirmed that the support for hashtags has rolled out globally on Android devices. Also, Google Maps Local Guides programme members can add the hashtags to their old reviews.

Google has reportedly suggested specific hashtags for various places as general hashtags like “#love” or “#food” will not be useful. For instance, you can use #vegetarian for restaurants, #goodforselfies for places with a good view, #wheelchairaccessible for areas that have a wheelchair ramp, and more.

The latest feature in Google Maps arrives as yet another addition to the plethora of recent additions to the navigation platform. The app recently got a new messaging feature to chat with businesses, while a recent update to Google Maps had introduced a new Follow button that keeps users updated on the news, events, and other updates from certain businesses.