Are you a first time user of two-way radios? Or you would like to get a few handsets for your weekend ceremony? Even if you are planning to outfit a site for a lasting project, you will have to rent a couple of two-way radios from Acces Communications. But the sad news is that: You may not know where you should start! Do not worry though. Here are the top five queries you should raise before renting.

1.Do you require mobile radios or portable ones?

Most consumers prefer traditional handheld radios. This is because of their long life battery, easy to carry and barely require sophisticated set up once delivered to your worksite. In contrast, the mobile radios may need skilled installation by a pro from the dealer’s shop. You will also require an antenna fixed and connected to the power source. So they can be ideal for huge worksites where workers need to communicate amongst them or at a dispatch.

2.Will you work indoors or outdoors?

You need to know where your radio will be used mostly. If it is indoors, determine whether there are concrete walls that signal may need to penetrate but if you work from outside, you need to understand the range and type of topography you will be operating in. in short, just comprehend your working environs.

3.How will your environment be; Loud or dangerous?

If you work in a loud environ you will need to opt for the digital two-way handset that has noise reduction features or add some headsets/ earpiece on our radios. This is ideal for manufacturers and constructors. However, these options offer a listen-only mode such that one can monitors communication but they may not be able to speak via the radios.

4.How long will you require the radios?

In most cases, rentals may vary depending on the type and period. Typically, the longer the period you want to rent the radio, the cheaper the price.

5.Do you require more accessories?

You see, these accessories not only prevent unanticipated user errors but also improve the quality of user experience. For instance, you might require some speak microphones, batteries or multi-unit chargers. The microphones are crucial for those people who will frequently communicate like the police and the multi-unit charger is good to ensure their radios are always fully charged.

For the audio accessories such as earpieces and headsets, are great to add on your rental fleet. This is because they are great for those who require hearing protection or those who work in loud conditions.


Enough of the questions you must ask before you rent a two-way radio for your own uses, there is nothing that will bar you from getting any handset that you think satisfies your personal needs. Always ensure you give any relevant information that the two-way radio renting company may need from you. That invaluable gen helps them figure out the type of radios suitable for your environments and use.