If working on a construction site or around hazardous material is an everyday thing for you, it’s essential you know how to protect yourself. Too many workers fall victim to workplace accidents in and around job sites. The stats are startling, even amongst new employer safety initiatives and government-regulated protocols. Do you know what you can do to protect yourself at work? Check out these tips and tricks to making every day a productive and safe one.

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Watch Out for Standing Water

One of the most significant risks on a construction site is electrocution. The biggest culprit: standing water. Tools often get put down on the ground, and if there is a puddle nearby, there is a risk you will get bit by an electric shock. Sometimes the jolt is enough to send you to the hospital and cause more injury. Perhaps a good reminder would be to check out the ppe poster free download which offers some visual signs to plaster throughout the work site.

Get in Your Break Time

Too many workers try and skip the little bit of downtime they get in a day. Working through lunch or breaks can wind up hurting you in the long run. It’s critical that you get the rest you need to physically and mentally reboot especially after physically demanding work.

Only Handle Equipment You Are Trained To Use

A significant cause of injury around the site is people using machinery, tools and large equipment they have not been appropriately trained to use. Even if you think you know what you’re doing, it’s better to let a qualified person do it. You don’t want to hurt someone else in the process.

Staying sharp on the job may mean the difference between going home and having to detour to a clinic or hospital. Know what common hazards are and steer clear.