Automobile owners know that a commercial car wash is often the safest way to keep their cars clean. When you offer this service, it is important that you perform regular car wash maintenance in order to protect your client’s cars. Here are some examples of how proper maintenance keeps your clients coming back.

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Damaged Brushes Damage Paint

The brushes in your car wash sweep across the paint of every car that travels down your track. Most of these brushes rotate at between 100 and 500 RPM and small defects in the bristles can leave scratches in their wake. Proper car wash maintenance includes a look at these bristles and replacing them in part or as a whole whenever necessary.

Consistent Water Pressure Is Key

Inconsistent water pressure in a car wash is another factor that can scratch paint. Water pressure that is too high can also damage paint while water pressure that is too low might not get everything off the vehicle, leading to possible scratches further down the line. Clean hoses and a reliable water system are the most important parts of this aspect to your car wash.

Know Your Soaps

The soap in your car wash serves two main purposes. The first is to clean the surface of the car. However, a secondary purpose that is often overlooked is the need for a lubricant while vehicles travel through the bristles. Different soaps have different properties and should be chosen to cater to your client’s needs.

Maintaining your car wash means you can help your clients protect their vehicles. The brushes, water and soap are all important to the process of cleaning a car while protecting its paint. Keep an eye on your car wash and make repairs as needed. Client feedback will also be a good way to determine how well your car wash is performing.