Huawei Listed Again on SD Association, Wi-Fi Alliance Members List; May Just Be Part of 90-Day Reprieve

Huawei was recently removed from major organisations

  • Huawei has been relisted on SD Association
  • It has been relisted on Wi-Fi Alliance as well
  • Huawei has removed from several global-standard organisations

Huawei has faced suspension of business from various organisations in the past month, thanks to the recently imposed US ban. The company was removed from Wi-Fi Alliance, SD Association, JEDEC, and many other groups. However, Huawei has been relisted on Wi-Fi Alliance and SD Association once again, bringing in a ray of hope for the company. It could also just be a temporary measure, until the 90-daysgrace period is over, after which Huawei may be removed once again.

Both SD Association and Wi-Fi Alliance have updated their members list to bring back Huawei. This is obviously good news for the company, given that it’s been only gloomy for it since the US ban was announced. The relisting by the SD Association and Wi-Fi Alliance was first spotted by GizmoChina, who also reports that the relisting could just be a temporary measure until the 90 days grace period is over.

The SD Association list has over 1,000 names and Huawei Technologies has been added to the list. The Wi-Fi Association sponsor list has also added Huawei’s name.

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Even if it’s removed by the SD Association once again, Huawei has its own Nano Memory Card solution and its already implemented in its latest phone Huawei P30 Pro. While the chip isn’t easily available, a solution is in place for Huawei, giving it some relief. As for Wi-Fi Alliance, there is no solution that we can see to get Huawei out of its misery.

Google has also removed Huawei phones from and Android Enterprise Devices list. It even removed the Nexus 6P from the list that was made by Huawei. Of course, the biggest blow came when Google announced before the above-mentioned removals it was suspending business with Huawei, in effect barring it from using a Google licensed version of Android for future smartphones.