Going on summer vacation is one of many Americans’ favorite childhood memories. Most people don’t have enough money to purchase vacation homes that are hundreds of miles away from their main residences just to use them for a few days or weeks in the summer. As such, people traveling within the United States for summer vacation often stay in hotels. Thanks to the rise of Airbnb and other intermediaries that make home-sharing loads easier, more people than ever before are opting to rent vacation homes with no long-term obligations while on summer vacation. Here are a few reasons why renting vacation homes on vacation are better than any other type of accommodations.

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Your Group Will Feel More at Home

Spending time inside a hotel room with your vacation partners isn’t, in any way, fun. However, the same can’t be said for vacationing groups who choose to spend time inside short-term vacation rental homes. These locations are actually people’s living quarters – or homes, in other words – when they’re not being rented out. They’ve worked hard to make them feel homey, so you’re almost guaranteed to feel more at home with your vacation buddies when staying in a rental home.

You Will Have More Room

Short-term rental homes will almost always offer you more living space than hotels and other traditional forms of accommodation. The more room you have, the less likely you’ll grow resentful toward the people you’re on vacation with and ruining your entire group’s summer vibes.

You’ll Actually Be Able to Cook in a Full-Fledged Kitchen

A major downside of staying in hotels when vacationing is the lack of a kitchen. Short-term summer vacation rental homes will nearly always feature real-deal kitchens that you can cook in. It doesn’t take long to dig up great deals when looking through listings for north carolina coast rentals. Whether you plan on staying for a single night or a whole month, this type of accommodation is widely regarded as being better than hotels.