OnePlus 7 Pro Random Shutdown Issue Set to Be Fixed Through an Update, Company Promises

OnePlus 7 Pro goes off randomly for some users

  • Users have reported the random shutdown issue on OnePlus Community forums
  • It can temporarily be fixed by rebooting the phone into fastboot
  • OnePlus has confirmed a fix will be delivered

OnePlus 7 Pro is facing a random shutdown issue, some users have reported on the OnePlus Community forums. The issue appears to impact a part of the overall OnePlus 7 Pro user base — but is not widespread. However, OnePlus has acknowledged that it is aware of the problem and has promised the release of a fix. A workaround that temporarily resolves the issue has been discovered in the meantime. It works by manually rebooting the OnePlus 7 Pro into fastboot by using a key combination.

“My OP 7 Pro is totally gone at the moment [sic],” one of the affected users wrote in a forum post on the OnePlus Community forums. “I remember the last thing I did was turn on the Wi-Fi Hotspot. The screen hung, and the phone automatically rebooted. The phone turned on, but it hung within a few seconds again.”

There are over 100 complaints in a single thread on the OnePlus Community forums. Some users have also posted separate forum posts to highlight the issue.

In an emailed statement to Gadgets 360, OnePlus said, “We are aware of this issue and we will be issuing an update to address it.” However, the exact release date of the update wasn’t provided.

Meanwhile, some of the OnePlus 7 Pro ₹ 48,999 users have claimed that they’re able to resolve the issue temporarily by booting the device into fastboot by holding down the power and volume up keys.

As Android Police notes, one of the users who goes by pseudonym pappschlump on the OnePlus Community forums has claimed that the random shutdown issue on the OnePlus 7 Pro occurs due to a null pointer reference in the kernel.